What Does An Art Consultant Do?

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When searching for quality artworks to display in your space, it is often wise to engage an experienced art consultant who can guide you through the process. You may have come across the term “art consultant” more than once when figuring out where to start. But what exactly does an art consultant do, and how can they help you fulfil your vision for your space?

In this article, we will explore many different aspects of the art consultant occupation, from the job scope to the different types of art consultants. Finally, we will find out more about how art consultants can be a valuable asset in helping you to select artwork that defines the look and feel of your space.

Job Scope

The responsibilities of an art consultant can be quite varied, depending on their level of experience and the role you would like them to take on within your project. Generally, art consultants work closely with their clients to understand their clients’ expectations, requirements and desires for their space or collection of artworks. They may act on the client’s behalf to source for and purchase artworks, or help to develop a clear vision for the space.

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In a sense, the job of an art consultant has some overlap with that of an interior designer. Both occupations are concerned with the aesthetic or “look” of a particular space, be it an office, a home or even a public area. However, the main difference is that interior designers are responsible for many other elements of the design, such as furniture, layout and colours, while art consultants generally only deal with the art pieces that are displayed in the space.

However, this does not mean that the job of an art consultant is easy! Art consultants must ensure that the artworks that they recommend and procure for their clients complete each other artistically, and will suit the overall look and feel of the space. It is for this reason that it takes a significant amount of study, practice and experience to become a successful art consultant.

Different Types of Art Consultants

Just like other occupations, art consultants can specialise in many different areas, ranging from sourcing and procurement to interior design and artwork installation. They might be experts in a certain type of art, be it traditional art or contemporary art. They can also specialise in serving a certain type of clientele, tailoring their services towards the needs of different customer bases. Some of these types of clientele include:

Hotel Art Consultants

middle east theme hotel lobby seating area with 2 paintings

Hotel art consultants are hired to select and source for artworks to be placed in hotels and resorts. Their main objective is to ensure that the open spaces in the hotel are aesthetically pleasing and an enjoyable place to be for all guests who pass through. Hence, their chosen artworks must complement the existing interior design and décor of the hotel, so as to enhance the overall look of the space.

Commercial Art Consultants

Commercial art consultants deal with the buying and selling of commercial art pieces. They often represent their clients to purchase certain artworks according to the clients’ requests or demands. Depending on their job scope, they may also take on a more advisory role to help their clients select the best art pieces for their collection.

Corporate Art Consultants

As the name suggests, corporate art consultants specialise in providing art consultancy services to corporate clients, which mostly include businesses. For example, they may work with interior designers to choose and procure art pieces to be displayed in an office. They serve all types of businesses, from large multinational corporations to small and medium enterprises and startups.

Fine Art Consultants

fine art painting of a family of birds

Fine art is generally defined as art that is created for a solely aesthetic purpose (in other words, simply to be appreciated). It contrasts with art that is made for a specific function, such as decorative art and applied art, which refers to art that serves some practical use such as pottery. Fine art can take many forms, including oil paintings, handmade scrolls and more. Fine art consultants can help you find the most beautiful fine art pieces that are best suited to your taste.

When You Would Hire an Art Consultant

The best time to hire an art consultant is when you are looking to brighten up or add a splash of colour to your space. Purchasing and displaying art pieces is one of the best ways to make your space a little more lively and pleasant to look at and work in, and an art consultant can help you to better define what you want to accomplish and source for suitable artworks. They can help you to choose appropriate artworks according to your personal tastes and preferences, as well as according to the overall aesthetic of the space.

If you do not have much knowledge or experience in art, an art consultant can also advise you on the different types of artworks and what to look out for in an art piece. This can also help you to have a clearer idea of how to enhance the look and feel of your space. After engaging the services of an art consultant, you’ll almost certainly emerge with newfound knowledge and appreciation of art!

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We also provide a range of artwork installation and framing services for those who are looking to set up and maintain their collections of artwork. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your space or frame your favourite art pieces, we have the solution for you. Get in touch with our art consultants today!

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